The Script.

Hello, so this is my first none photography blog post, well it kinda is still related to photography as there are photo’s included :P.

So Monday night I (very last minute) went to see The Script play at Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle on their No sound without silence tour. While I’m not a massive fan of The Script (yet I am in love with Danny O’Donoghue), I really enjoyed the show. I have to admit they are one of the best bands I’ve seen live for a while, and I particularly loved the fact that Danny was constantly going into the audience, even on the top tier seated area of the arena, when he came of the B- Stage.  They boys put on a spectacular show in my opinion from the songs they played, to having a B-Stage, the interaction with the audience and to the lightening. My view of the boys on the main stage was not very good however I was stood at the barrier of the B-Stage, but they had two massive screens at the side of the main stage then a massive circular one above the B-Stage, so all in all I could see quite clearly.

I did not take many photo’s on my camera or phone but I did however surprisingly manage to get a half decent photograph of the main man Danny (no idea how as I started to shake as how close to him I actually was). See Below:


The next set of images are taken from my phone so the quality it the greatest but you can see the confetti at  end of the show and the different lightening, and my view of them on the B-Stage.

988497_10153128157595350_539777812712664563_n 10407869_10153128157685350_3032210295647739180_n 10420771_10153128157320350_1472101271952180760_n 10897965_10153128157890350_6528009754440145689_n 11001896_10153128158020350_5205167887111328314_n 11017546_10153128157430350_7747076067065586753_n 11018325_10153128157525350_3005299214045531192_n 11026185_10153128157780350_2425006917534218409_n

The Setlist
1. Paint the Town Green
2. Hail Rain or Sunshine
3. Breakeven
4. The End Where I Begin
5. Before the Worst
6. Superheroes
7. We Cry
8. If You Could See Me Now
9. Man on a Wire
10. Nothing
11. Good Ol’ Days
12. Never Seen Anything “Quite Like You”
13. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
14. You Won’t Feel a Thing
15. Six Degrees of Separation
16. It’s Not Right for You
17. The Energy Never Dies
18. For the First Time
19. No Good in Goodbye
20. Hall of Fame

Tinie Tempah was the support act and I’ve never seen him live before either and I was quite surprised at how good he was too. He really got the crowd going and everyone seemed to be having a good time dancing up and down to his songs such as ‘ Pass Out’.
Overall I really enjoyed this night and would definitely see The Script again If I got the chance to 🙂

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