Benetint beauty product.

I’ve had this benefit product for quite a while now but only recently started using it more often.


It is becoming one of my favourite beauty products as it is a rose scented lip and cheek tint. I sometimes wear it on my lips but have started wearing it on my cheeks rather than using my normal rimmel blusher.

I apply a few brush strokes to each cheek and then blend using my normal blusher brush. It gives a nice pinky glow and you can apply more if needed, I.e if you want a more pinker look to the cheeks, but I’m usually happy with just one application.



With this product I don’t feel the need to re-apply throughout the day as I feel it lasts longer in my opinion :). I would definitely recommend this product as I love the natural glow it leaves my cheeks yet it is slightly tinted, and the fact you can use it on your lips as well is an added bonus πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Benetint beauty product.

  1. I was given a Benefit gift set containing a sample of this, last Christmas. Haven’t really tucked into it properly, yet but I did try the Benetint on my lips and couldn’t stand the taste of it πŸ˜– Will have to try using it on my cheeks, like you suggest, once I’m done with my current favorite blush (Benefit’s ‘Majorette’).


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