From one busy week to another!

Not had much time to blog even though I have lots of things I want to blog about. Last week I did two shoots (one of which was a wedding renewal – exciting much!), then as well as that I was working most of the week, even worked in Hexham for two days AND on top of all that I was back at uni, and I’m currently doing a 6 week BURLESQUE course yes, me doing burlesque – scary but exciting stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

So that was last week, this week it pretty much the same (minus the working in Hexham) but this morning I did a shoot for one of my uni projects, using graffiti as my background (my project is on colour), then tonight I am playing around with UV Paint and a film camera!, oh the fun :).

Thought I’d post a few photo’s of my travel’s last week, with a sneak pic from one of today’ shoot,

10449453_10153275999140350_8723540543568648656_n 10952862_10153275998905350_2273908548412312189_n 11182099_10153275999045350_5911370200790492402_n

15448_10153275999490350_3926448251147976233_n 10665825_10153275999305350_7918396245561330983_n 11207369_10153275999395350_4025112409009501772_n

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