Getting back into the blogging swing :) FINALLY

Been meaning to keep up to date with my blog but life got in the way of things, however I’M BACK 🙂

While I’ve been away I have been working, doing uni work, been to a few gigs including SLAM DUNK FESTIVAL which was amazing!!!, can’t wait to do it next year, I’ve been to two christening’s and finally I’ve been doing a 6 week burlesque course which was bloody awesome!, definitely going to do another one of them, as it has given me much more confidence! :).

Now that I have finished my second year at uni I am hoping to keep my blog up to date and I have lots of things I want to share!

Here are a few photo’s of my finished uni projects from this year:

DSC_5262 DSC_4379 uv4


11392896_10153371029595350_3784060870592142398_n 11351203_10153371029690350_1278159672750609345_n

ALSO BECAUSE IT’S NOW JUNE, IT MEANS IT’S ONLY 23 DAYS UNTIL MY HOLIDAY TO ZANTE!!!!!! arrghh I’m so excited, can’t wait to see the sunshine and have cocktails on the beach!

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