Mini Boohoo Holiday Haul :)

I’ve never done a clothing blog before so if it’s pants, sorry in advance!.

I’m off on holiday VERY soon and after shopping for weeks on end, I needed more tops, in the shops I couldn’t find what I was looking for SO I decided to check out boohoo. I’ve only ever shopped with them once before so I thought why not try erm out again, and boy I wasn’t disappointed (yay!!!).

Item number 1.


This strapless/ boob tube bandeau is amazing a bit see through but I will be wearing a bra . What I love about this is the tassels!!!!, I think it will be perfect to wear on an evening with a shirt or a pair of shorts. Looking forward to wearing this item.

Item number 2 and 3

20403_10153384446610350_7507687808794490654_n 10245387_10153384446530350_8135538962946609932_n

I needed a couple more vest tops for the beach and these two are perfect. There not tight which is what I LOVE as I like to have a bit of room to breathe in tops, especially when it’s going to be hot on holiday. I love the colours as well even though the vest top in the first picture is a lot darker but I still love it.

Item number 4


This is a neon floral bralet top and I LOVE bralet tops so much. I wasn’t keen on this when it first arrived however I’m starting to take a liking to it and I think it will again be perfect to wear on an evening as well as during the day.

Final and most favourite item


This lace tassel kimono is amazing! I chose a black one as well black goes with ANYTHING :). I’ll definitely be wearing this to the beach and on a evening I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! 🙂  (The daisy top is also from boohoo but I’m not keen on it so it’s getting sent back)

As you can see the clothes purchased (apart from 2 items) are COLOURFUL which is my aim for this holiday as most of my clothes are black or grey haha. I will definitely be shopping at boohoo again as I am very pleased with the quality of these items and would highly recommend! 🙂


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