Book review – Dream a little dream by Giovanna Fletcher

Hi guys, so I’ve never done a book review before but after reading this book I wanted to give my view on it so here goes:


I bought this book as a holiday read and from the moment I opened the first page, I couldn’t put it down. I found myself getting involved with the characters and wanting to know more and more about them. Although after reading the first few chapters I kind of knew how the book was going to end, which didn’t really bother me that much.

I could really relate to Sarah as I sometimes struggle on the relationship front and I found that me and her a quite alike haha.  All of the characters were interesting which made for me the book even better, nothing worse than reading a book and the characters are BORING, makes me lose interest and stop reading. I think the way Giovanna has written this book makes it easy for people to relate to, and all of the characters are likeable.

I would recommend this book to people who like to read romantic novels and of course if you are a fan of Giovanna. I’m looking forward to reading the Christmas version on this book as it left me wanting to find out what happened after Sarah met Brett and they went on A REAL DATE!!! not just a dream date ❤

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P.S I also love love love the front cover of this book especially the peachy colours, stands out a mile on the book shelf (which was one of the reasons why I bought it). Can’t go wrong with a pretty book cover, well done Giovanna! 🙂

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