The blog where it’s my birthday…. (part 2)

Hello, so on Friday I turned 26! (still not impressed by that but hey ho) and I along with my friend decided to go to Newcastle and visit the life center before going for food and drinks.

I’ve not been to the life center since I was in secondary school but having heard they have a gaming station I was sold. I used to love playing sonic the hedgehog on the sega mega drive to I couldn’t wait to relive my childhood. I was also a massive space invaders fan so I was also excited to play that again. As well as playing the games we also went to an astronomy show that lasted around 20 minutes and I found that very fascinating, learning about the stars and the planets and how it is all measured (although I must admit I did almost fall asleep – purely because it was dark haha). After that we went on the 4d spongebob square pants MOTION RIDE, which was awesome (we even got sprayed with water like we were actually under the sea – we weren’t really but the experience was awesomeeee).

After the life center we wandered around the shops and I couldn’t resist treating myself to a new mac lipstick (I’ve wanted ruby woo for a long time now so I was very happy to finally purchase it). Next we headed to the gate where we stopped off at Frankie and bennies for some lovely food, however I didn’t really read the card machine and accidently ended up tipping them the amount that I was paying as well as paying for my half of the bill (what an idiot I am-  that’ll teach me to concentrate on what I am doing haha).

We then decided to have some drinks, bier keller has to be my new favourite bar EVER the interior was amazing (its a German beer bar that sells lots of other drinks as well as beer), and to top it off IT HAS A PHOTOBOOTH! (which I couldn’t resist going in)

Here are some of the photo’s from my birthday day out along with the link to my YouTube channel 🙂 Yes I also vlogged my little birthday adventure xxx


DSCN1165 DSCN1166

17 18 19

DSCN1176 DSCN1181 DSCN1183

20 IMG_20150918_232159 IMG_20150919_181154

You Tube link:

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