Durham Does Vintage

I’ve recently became obsessed with all things VITNAGE, so when I heard about Durham’s vintage fair I was quite a happy lady. I’ve been to a similar fair but nothing like this, and I have to say I was impressed! 🙂

Durham does vintage was held at The Gala theatre and it was spread across 2 floors!. Entry price was ÂŁ2.00 which was very reasonable. The fair started as soon as you walked in with stalls of clothing and jewellery.

11214185_10153662512590350_271517477502944821_n 12108764_10153662512660350_3964714784549513858_n

Once upstairs it was packed with loads of beautiful stalls that sold things from clothing to records to bags, jewellery, kids toys and kitchen attire. All of the stalls were nicely set up with clear indication of prices.

1798873_10153662513085350_4584763993430595245_n 12046718_10153662513530350_445362970454854074_n 12074915_10153662513040350_4035792296724425952_n 12096216_10153662512780350_321355592064093100_n

12088047_10153662513895350_8662342413233075008_n 12141528_10153662513580350_7246945686367419524_n

(I even purchased one of the cups above which are hand painted and are soo00 pretty!)

Between the times of 12 and 1 the fair started to take off, it began getting busy, from couples to young people to even families. People were buying things they liked and were trying on the vintage clothing and accessories.

12144684_10153662513455350_7174479641446502814_n 12144872_10153662513780350_7522847440603693581_n

As well as the stalls there was also live music from the Doo Wop dollies and they sounded great! people were even singing along you guessed it the goldie oldies from the good ol’ vintage days of the 1920’s

12079458_10153662513280350_8591338038724004978_n 12141795_10153662513125350_4878996827905405547_n

Overall the Durham does vintage fair was a hit! I had a really good time and would recommend it to other’s who have a love for vintage! Roll on the next one which I believe is on the 7th November!

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