What a busy week

As its the run up to Christmas  (47days) I’ve started to work more hours at work and I study part time at uni, so this week has been busy.

However I did manage to get the chance to go to the cinema! Not been in a few months, so I was a little excited and the fact that it was to see THE NEW JAMES BLOODY BOND film Spectre!!!. I’m a huge James Bond fan, and I think Daniel Craig makes an amazing 007.

I had really high hopes for this movie as Skyfall was fantastic, and boy I was not disappointed 🙂 Within the first five minutes there was plenty of action,which was wow. It was action packed throughout and the acting was superb as always in a bond film!.

I loved this movie however I thought the ending was going to be different  (I won’t spoil it). I can’t wait for the next bond movie, and I really hope Daniel Craig will stay on as 007 as he is an incredible asset to the bond movies,but my gut feeling is that there will be a new bond :(.


As much as I love all of the bond movies my favourite has to be…..Casino Royale, I just love it, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen it!

What’s your favourite bond movie?

(Images have been taken from google, they are not my own – obviously)

2 thoughts on “What a busy week

  1. Really wanna go check Spectre out, too… Been enjoying 007 movies again these last few years – probably cause Daniel Craig is the first Bond I’ve really liked, since Sean Connery 😏 In fact, I’m only willing to put up with him quitting (one movie earlier, no less) if he’s to be replaced by Michael Fassbender 😂 Still hoping he’ll stick with it a little longer, though…

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    1. It’s amazing I’d highly recommend it. Im the same i only have the dvds with Daniel as Bond haha. Im hoping he doesn’t quit butif he does hes had a great run 💜

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