Say goodbye to horrible, dry and flaky lips this winter!

It’s almost winter and it’s now starting to become colder and I find that at this time of the year my lips start to get dry and become flaky therefore resulting in my lipstick not going on/not looking great. I hate flaky lips as I’m one of these people who pick at the skin and make it sore 😦 therefore I tend to use my lip scrub and Vaseline more frequently.


I use lip scrub’s from Lush as I think they are amazing and they work really well. I have two different flavours: a popcorn one and a bubblegum one, whilst you aren’t really meant to taste it they both taste really sweet and nice. The sugar gets rid of the flaky pieces of skin and helps to make your lips smooth (this product really works). There are other flavours in this range including a Christmas one which is called ‘ Santa’s lip scrub’. They are priced at £5.50, but they are worth the money as they last ages ( I’m not even half way through them yet)

Once I’ve scrubbed my lips I then put a layer or two on of Vaseline. Whilst there are many different makes and flavours of lip balms out there I tend to stick with a product that I love, and I love this coconut flavour. Nivea lip balms are also really good too. After using both the lip scrub and lip balm my lips feel smooth and less flaky and dry. I feel like when I have done this routine and I am ready to put on my lipstick, I feel that it helps my lipsticks go on much more smoothly, which is what most girls want.


I would highly recommend purchasing Lush’s lip scrubs as they really are amazing and so value for money!. I use my Vaseline throughout the day as well so that my lips don’t dry out especially if I am walking to and from work and its cold outside, I hate having chapped lips they hurt haha.

Definitely take care of your lips in the winter (and of course all year round) as well as your skin, our bodies need exra loving in the winter ❤ xxx

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