Fenwick’s Christmas Window|Newcastle|

Ahhhhh Christmas is getting closer and it’s that magical time of year where people in the North East pay a visit to Fenwick’s window (situated in Northumberland street in Newcastle). Fenwick’s first every Christmas display was way back in 1971!!!!! (more than 40 years ago, oh my gosh didn’t know this at all!), where it showcased the popular children’s show Camberwick Green. Since the 1970’s it has become a tradition in Newcastle and I for one LOVE going to see it year in year out!, it’s just magical even as an adult.

After last year’s theme of being Alice in wonderland this year it’s a good ol’ traditional Christmas theme!!!!.I saw the window a few days after it officially opened and thought it was fantastic, definitely the best I’ve seen it in a few years, The atmosphere was just incredible I went at around 5pm and there was quite a crowd gathering, a crowd of all ages and they were all absolutely loving it, even the adults there taking a selfie next to their favourite window!. I loved that it showed Newcastle throughout each display especially the end one where it shows Santa and his reindeer’s flying over the Tyne bridge!


My favourite window would have to the one where Santa is stuck down the chimney! However I love them all and I must admit I got a little emotionally, aahhh I just love Christmas! ❤ xxx

Well done to the team of Fenwick’s you have done an amazing job  and if you live in Newcastle or visiting to do some  Christmas shopping go and see it, you won’t be disappointed. I for one will definitely be going to see it again before the year is out!

2 thoughts on “Fenwick’s Christmas Window|Newcastle|

    1. Aahh i love it I’ll definitely be visiting it again i love Christmas and this display is fabulous hope you’s have a brilliant time 💜


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