My chilled out Sunday

Lately it’s been very rare having a Sunday off as I’m usually at work. I work in retail and even though I work weekdays, I sometimes work weekends too. Today I was off work and it felt great being off work for the whole weekend! 🙂

All I have done today is: hovered my room and the upstairs, made my bed, dusted down my dressing table, had a bath and drank ENDLESS amounts of tea. If most of you guy’s don’t know I’m a massive tea drinker and I’ve even started drinking flavoured teas too.


Once I had cleaned up and had some lunch I decided to kick back and stick good old Netflix on. I sometimes find it hard to find films to watch but today I was in luck as the Disney Pixar film UP was on, and seeing as I’ve never seen it I thought I’d give that a watch.



As soon as the film started I knew I would like it ( I pretty much like all things Disney). It’s quite a sad film but nevertheless the ending was great! I love films that have a nice happy ending and with Disney you can’t go wrong ❤ UP is a film that now I have seen it, I won’t watch it again despite it being a good film it’s not the best in my opinion – Have you seen it, if so what are your thoughts?

So that has been my day and this evening will consist of watching Strictly the results show and possibly another film on Netflix

How have you spent your Sunday? xxx

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