Christmas Cake – Part 1

After searching the internet I decided to use the Mary Berry’s Christmas cake recipe (


First I soaked up the fruit in sherry and left it for 3days. I also lined the tin ready for the mixture.

Next I made a cake mixture and mixed the fruit into in a separate bowl. I also pre-heated the oven at this point ready.

Once this was all mixed in I spooned the mixture into the tin and cooked for 4 and a half hours.

(I know the mixture looks gross but it looks nice once cooked haha). After the cake had cooled down I lifted it out of the tin, pierced some small holes into the cake and poured over a little bit sherry.


And that’s my Christmas cake done and dusted, ready to decorate at a later date!.

Part two coming soon, hope you enjoyed reading xxx

3 thoughts on “Christmas Cake – Part 1

  1. Nice post! I love the smell of the cake while its cooking, having to wait until Christmas Day is the hard part haha.

    I made one last year but this year we’ve just bought one, by the time we buy all the ingredient it usually works out just the same or more expensive than a shop bought one. I know part of the fun is making it though!

    Ami x

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