Beamish: Summer and Winter

Hello, seeing as I forgot to blog my visits to Beamish in the summer and giving that I went there yesterday (once you pay for a ticket you get unlimited access for a year!), I thought I would just merge them into one 🙂

Beamish museum is a world famous open air museum situated in the North East of England that is set in the 1820’s, 1900’s and the 1940’s. It shows: A 1900’s town, a 1940’s farm (with actual animals), 1900’s pit village, an 1820’s pockerly, 1900’s colliery, open shops that you can purchase from (the sweet shop is a favourite and always has a big queue to get in), it has a tramway where you can get on and off and a few eating places as well as a few other things such as a small fairground and steam train.

I love Beamish and this year was the first time in years that I have visited. Beamish is always changing and they are currently adding a Eston church, a chemist and photographers and a few other modes of transport.

With Christmas just around the corner Beamish now have their Christmas tree up in the town, decorations on the front of the shops, an ice rink next to the fairground, wreaths on doors and lots of fairy lights. I must admit it’s looking pretty. They also do Christmas evenings but you have to purchase them as they aren’t included in the year’s ticket.



Beamish is lovely place and I would highly recommend visiting 🙂 I could go on forever talking about this place so I shall stop haha xxx

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