Holidays are coming!


Thursday saw the famous Coca-Cola truck come to the North East on it’s tour. Everyone says that once they see the famous #holidaysarecoming advert on the TV that Christmas is coming and well it is (27days).

Whilst I have see the truck twice before my friend hadn’t so I was very excited when she asked me if I would go with her, as I LOVE seeing the truck in all it’s glory (plus the atmosphere is always great, and it really gets you into the Christmas spirit).

It was parked up in Asda car park, Gateshead Metrocenter and it was packed!!!!! You also get a little mini free can of coke in a few different flavours as well.

Arrrghhhh I just love it ❤

And of course we had to take a selfie!


Lipstick fail here but hey ho CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!!! xxx

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