Christmas shortbread cookies

Today I finally purchased a new and decent set of cooking scales so I decided that I would attempt to made shortbread cookies. I’ve only ever made cookies twice (this being my second) so I thought if they turn out bad meh trial and error :).

As it’s almost CHRISTMAS I decided to purchase some Christmas themed cookie shaped cutters, I love them!. In this set you got: a Christmas tree, an angel, a bell, a boot and a star – super festive!

For shortbread cookies you only need 3 yes that’s 3 ingredients (well from the recipe I used), and they are: butter, caster sugar and plain flour.

Once I mixed together the sugar and the butter I added in the flour mixed some more before rolling it out and making the festive shapes :). I then placed them onto a tray, popped them into the fridge for 20 minutes then into the over for 15-20 minutes then they were DONE!!!!

Shortbread cookies

Not that you can tell but I also sprinkled on some caster sugar before they were put into the fridge and over (not that you can tell in these photos).

As a first attempt I am rather impressed with myself, and they actually melt in your mouth just like shop bought shortbread’s do. They also tasted rather nice too – BONUS haha :).

Thank you for reading xxx.



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