Winter Wonderland|London

I recently made my first ever trip to London around Christmas time and wow it was super magical. One of the first things on my list to do was to visit Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Every year I’ve always heard great things about it and I knew that I definitely wanted to go. Before we arrived in London we already pre-booked our tickets into the Magical Ice Kingdom to avoid disappointment.

We went on a weeknight so it wasn’t too crowded which I was glad about as I don’t like massive crowds as sometimes you don’t get to see everything and can sometimes miss things that others have seen when they have gone in less crowded times.

Because I’ve not been to Hyde Park in years I forgot about big it was. Almost every part of the park was filled with something Christmassy and it was so amazing, I can’t wait to visit again next year!.

Here are some of the photo’s that I took:

Winter Wonderland 

As you can see there is a massive Ice skating rink which looks lovely and I loved walking through the archway, it was so lovely!.

Magical Ice Kingdom ❤

This was super cool and sooooooo cold!. They even had an ice slide which was awesome (and yes I did go down it!) haha.

I am very much scared of heights but because the pods were enclosed felt fine being on it, however I was scared at first. The view was amazing, nothing like I’ve ever seen before. I loved that the wheel changed colours.

Overall I would highly recommend Winter Wonderland to anyone! There’s something for everyone. Can’t wait to go again! ❤ The atmosphere was unreal everyone was in a happy mood even singing along to the Christmas songs that were being played, proper Christmas feel to it and made us feel proper festive!


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