Christmas Elf’s Enchanted Cottage

I picked this up from Asda costing only £4!. Inside the box you literally get everything you need to make this Christmas cottage (although we added in a Santa).

The making process

To begin making this I separated out the mallows, the chocolate buttons and the biscuit pieces (couldn’t resit making an ‘A’ with the candy canes). Melted half of the chocolate and dipped the cones used for trees into it. Next I added in half the biscuits and mallows. Poured the mixture into the tray provided and put it in the fridge to set and repeated. Once all the pieces had set I pieced the cottage together using the icing as glue. I put it onto a foam board and then began decorating!

The finished cottage

I am very impressed with how this has turned out! It looks awesome I’d highly recommend, I had fun doing it and I cant believe just how quick and easy it was to make <3. Be aware that you do end up with chocolate and icing everywhere if you’re anything like me but, IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS so it’s ok haha.

Added in a Santa

Picked up a Santa in Sainsbury’s for £1.50 and its edable haha. I think it just makes the cottage even better, anything to add in more fun!



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