London lush haul

Hello everyone,

So as most of you know by now I visited London at the beginning of December and well it wouldn’t be a trip to London if I didn’t head to the shops. First on my list aside from the Disney store was the Lush store. The Oxford street lush store is the largest in the country and is set over three floors!. Oh my I was in heaven, as I’m a HUGE fan of Lush products and have been for some time now.

The store


Products I purchased

I got a little excited and purchased more than what I had planned, but infact I could of purchased a whole lot more!.

Bath melts

These bath melts are amazing. There was quite a range to choose from and they all smelt amazing which made it hard to choose. The one’s in the above photo’s are: Oil on troubled waters, Johnny Appleseed and The sun. Like bath bombs they change the colour of your bath water and they leave your skin feeling nice and silky soft.

Bath bombs

I only purchased two of these surprisingly and the two I chose were: Sacred lotus and Yog nog. I’ve yet to try the Yog nog bomb but the sacred lotus was amazing, it turned my water into purple and it smelled beautiful.

Bubble bars

The windmill and Little dragon. I was very attracted to the dragon bubble bar due to the colour and the fact that it’s full of glitter and stands out!. I’ve not yet used this product however I have used the windmill and that was amazing, lots of bubblesssss and who doesn’t love a good old bubble bath <3.

Other products

As there was loads of different types of products I decided to purchase finally a face mask (heard great reviews about them), a snowman shower gel, a massage bar and ofc if you haven’t guessed I’m using my Lush Oxford street tote bag as my background haha.

All of the products that I have purchased in this blog smell amazing as always, I adore the smell of Lush products.

Thank you for reading, and I shall see you all in 2016!!! (Gosh where has 2015 gone!) xxx


5 thoughts on “London lush haul

    1. Thank you, it means a lot that you like my posts. I have lots of this to review this month 🙂 even another lush haul ❤ xxx


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