My highlights of 2015


2015 was a brilliant year for me, I started the year wanting to do something new with my time and do something that I hadn’t done before, and that was burlesque. Burlesque to me isn’t about the strip tease element it’s about how confident it makes me feel and how it helps me feel comfortable about my own body. At 26 you’d think I would be comfortable with my body but no, so I find that burlesque helps with that due to the amazing support from the teacher (Trixie Blue). A year on and I’m still doing courses because they are great fun, but enough about that haha.

2015 saw me attend my first festival which was Slam dunk festival in Leeds. Whilst the festival only lasted a day and wasn’t on a muddy field and there was no camping involved it was amazing fun and I had one the best times EVER!. The festival was amazing, all of the bands (some we’d seen before some we hadn’t) were incredible. The weather was also on top form which just made the experience even more amazing. We even got to see some bands up close as some do a meet and greet sessions before they hit the stage, which was quite cool. I’d definitely go back again and I would recommend going to Slam dunk festival if you like rock music but aren’t a fan of muddy fields. Leeds is definitely one of my favourite cities to visit. I just love Leeds.


Don Broco
You Me At Six


I also went on my first official holiday by myself with a friend, which was absolutely the best time of my life and definitely my highlight of the year! We’ve been saying for years ‘next year we’ll save up and go on holiday’ but it never happened until last year and the holiday was simply AMAZING. We went to Zante which is situated on one of the Greek Islands, which is a beautiful island I must get that in there haha. We even saw a TURTLE!. I just loved everything about it and we loved it that much that we’ve booked up to go again this year!. I know some people moan about people going to the same place every year but even though we were there for two weeks, we still didn’t get to do everything we wanted to do, and I’m sure that this year will be just as amazing as last years was J I for one will be more aware of the gyspys haha.

Slam dunk fest and the holiday were my main highlights of 2015 but I also visited London and Birmingham, as well as other cities within the North East of England (which is where I live in case you didn’t know that). I also met Amy Childs from TOWIE when she visited Newcastle, not that that is important but I love Amy.

There was also another changed that happened, if you haven’t noticed in the above photo’s, and that was that I changed my hair! I went from having a long dark hair with a fringe to having short blonde hair and no fringe!


I genuinely can’t wait to see what adventures unfold this year especially as me and my friend are aiming for not one but TWO holidays this year! I can’t wait!! Zante is a definite as it’s already booked but fingers crossed for holiday number 2 ❤

What are you plans for 2016?

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