My book – Trixie Blue

Welcome back everyone!

Wow never in a million years would I think ‘One day I’m going to make a book’, but I have!. I study photography at university and for one of my final ever projects (as I finish this year – eeekkk scary) I was asked to produce a documentary styled book.

When I first got this project I ain’t gonna lie I was like ‘OMG what on earth can I do my book on’ then all of a sudden out of nowhere I decided to go back to my roots and do my book on a subject that I did when I first started my photography degree a couple of years ago and that was BURLESQUE.

I decided to document a wonderful lady who teaches burlesque and preforms it and she infact is the first dancer I photographed and got to know. She goes by the name of Trixie Blue!!!. She’s a North East based performer and is definitely a lady I look up to.

My book



A few close up images of my book





I am very impressed with how it has turned out and I am completely overwhelmed by the comments I’ve had on my book. My book is also going to be placed in the City of Sunderland (Bede campus) college library! I am extremely proud of my book and what I have achieved when producing it.

I can’t thank Trixie enough for all her hard working ❤

Ps the images above have been taken via my phone so soz if the quality is a bit pants


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