Don’t Look At Me Face Mask


I purchased this product a while back from Lush as I’d heard good reviews about their face masks. I’m a huge fan of lush products and to be honest I’ve no idea why I didn’t try this product sooner as it’s AMAZING.

There are a number of different face masks that they do and all of them are designed for different skin types. My skin is sometimes a bit dry and sometimes a little bit oily so after speaking to the woman in the shop she recommended the ‘Don’t look at me’ one. This product cost £6.75 which is a lot more than I usually spend on face masks but I know it will last me a while as I don’t like to use loads of product on my face in one sitting.



I’ve used it a few times now and I am completely in love. I’m also a huge fan of the colour as blue is one of my favourite colours. The product is gritty as it has micro exfoliating beads in it, to help get rid of any dirt on your face. I leave this product on for 10-15 minutes which is perfect when you’re having a nice relaxing bath. Once washed off this product leaves my skin feeling very velvety and extremely soft, which is what I adore about. My skin looks smooth, clean and fresh which for me is what I want from a face mask.




I would highly recommend this product to anyone  and it is definitely a product I will be re-purchasing.


To see my London lush haul please click  here


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