Barry M Cosmetics


I’m a fan of Barry M Cosmetics and have been for a few years now and when these palettes came out I couldn’t wait to try them. I’m very much into natural shades as I think natural shades go with ANYTHING.  I was also very keen to try there new contouring kit as it looks simple and the shades look nice. I’ve seen others where they have loads of different shades, and this one only has three, perfect for a newbie like me haha.

The Eyeshadow Palettes


For the past few days I’ve been using the Super natural palette for work and I’m really liking it. The colours are perfect and very natural. My only problem is that I have to use my own eyeshadow blending brush to blend the shades together as you can’t really do it with the mini brushes.

I haven’t got round to using the Natural glow palette yet but the shades in there look really nice. I like that you get a eyeshadow primer in there as well, as primers are great and I know I should be using them more, especially as I wear eyeshadow daily.


The difference in the palettes is that the super natural one is more glittery in comparison to the natural glow one, but they are both great (even though I’ve only used the one – for now).

Flawless Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit


I’ve used this a few times and I’m loving it. I love the fact that it tells you step by step how to use it. I find that very helpful as I’ve never contoured before.

I also got a new brush especially for contouring. I decided I would try out a h & m brush and it’s amazing! , it’s soft yet firm. I must admit I have zero intentions of using the dark brown shade as I’m quite pale I don’t want to over do it, so I tend to stick with just the highlighter and bronzer. I would highly recommend this contouring kit to anyone, it’s a great product.

I am very impressed with these Barry M products and would definitely recommend. I would also purchase them again. I love all things natural (well most) so these palettes are more than perfect for me and my skin tone.


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