Urban Decay – Naked 2

Arrggghhhhh I finally have one of these!!!!!! Super excited about this product.

I’ve been wanting to try Urban Decay make up for quite a while now and I’m so happy I have one of there palettes as WOW they are stunning. From the outer packaging to the outside of the palette, to the shades! wow can’t go wrong, its beautiful. I love a product that has a really nice packaging (I’m sad I know) and this doesn’t disappoint.


I love how this product also comes with eye primer that apparently lasts up to 7 days. I love the shades in this palette as I’ve said previously I’m a HUGE fan of natural colours.


I like to blend my shades and my favourites so far are : Half baked, chopper, verve and tease. All of the shades look beautiful and I’m looking forward to trying out more looks with this palette (I may even use the black shade who knows). All of the shades I’ve used seem have blended really well and I’m VERY impressed with it, arrrghh I just love it.

My only downfall is that I’m not a fan of the brush which to be honest has disappointed me :(. The blending end of the brush is great love it, it’s just the end where you apply the eyeshadow with it’s a bit hard for my liking, I like my brushes to be soft. Some people may love it some may not, but I would highly recommend this palette if like me you love natural shades.




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