L’Oreal Paris Products

Hi everyone!

I’m not going to talk too much on these amazing products because I’VE DONE MY FIRST EVERY YOUTUBE (talking) VIDEO!!!!! on these products.Scary stuff but I quite enjoyed it haha.

I purchased some new products last week: two skin care and two make up pieces. I’ve used the skin care products but not the makeup as I still have a lil bit of my other foundation/powder left (I’m now scraping it out of the bottle). All of the products are from L’Oréal and I’ve never tried ANY of their products.

The skin care products are truly amazing, they really do work on my skin and would FULLY recommend them, aaahhh I just love them.DSC_6351DSC_6356

The two make up pieces I got was the True match foundation and the matching powder. I’m so excited to use these products as I’ve wanted to try them for a while now.

My video 

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