Zakynthos, Greece – Part 1


Last year I went on holiday to Zakynthos which is a beautiful Greek island surrounded by the clear blue water of the Ionian sea. I went when I was younger (about 13ish-give or take haha), and I’m heading back there this year. SOOO EXCITED as I had the best time and can’t wait to go on adventures we didn’t get to do last time like visit a nearby island, go on a boat party, see a beautiful sunset, do water sports and visit more places on the island. By ‘we’ I’m talking about me and my friend :).

We stayed in Laganas which yes is where all the entertainment of Zante nightlife is situated. We stayed in a self-catering apartment which was a minutes walk away from the beach and a 5 minute walk to the strip. We did go to quite a few events as we were there for 2 weeks and the atmosphere was something I’ve never experienced in this country (England).

Cameo Island

Cameo island is a private island that costs €4 but you get a free drink which the coupon given and you can stay on the island for as long as you want. In order to access the island you have to cross over a wooden bridge which was a little scary at first as you’re walking above the water. We went there quite a few times as it’s just lovely. The vibe during the day there is so relaxing. We even went to an event on the island on an evening where they are a radio 1 DJ and fire breathers. I loved the view that you got of Laganas, watching the boats leaving the small dock taking people on trips, it was so peaceful. Food and drinks were also reasonably priced.


Turtle spotting in a submarine

Zante is well known for the loggerhead turtles Caretta, caretta. We decided to go turtle spotting to see if we could see any and we came across a small company that offered a trip to see the turtles. It was a submarine haha. We paid I think about 15euros each for the 2 hour trip and you also got a free pass to go on a banana boat. We got picked up at 2pm and was taking (along with others) on a 5 minute journey to the dock where our submarine was waiting. We sat (a little cramped as the boat was packed) underneath the boat so we could watch out for any turtles. Within about 5/10 (probably less) minutes of the journey WE SAW A TURTLE! I can now say I seen a turtle haha. We travelled to an island that was actually called ‘Turtle Island’ which you can see from the beach, where you could get off and go for a short swim. After that we headed back to the dock and our trip was over. I loved this experience even though I’m not a huge fan of boats :).


Zante water village

Now I’m not one for waterparks at all but my friend really wanted to go so naturally I went. It was one of the best days of the holiday! super glad I went. We went all day for I think roughly 20euros (we got a deal from our rep) and it was well worth our money. The only problem was that the ground was SO hot (obviously) as we could barely walk haha. The lazy river was the first thing we went on, it was so relaxing. After that we hit the slides. The black hole and the super bowl was our faves as well as the free fall tubes!.

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Zante town/habour

At the beginning of the strip (during the day) there’s a small train that runs trips to nearby resorts. For 6euros it took us to Zante town and back. The train played Greek music until we got near the town where it told us about the history of Zakynthos. Once there we walked around the harbour and up into the centre where the shops were (wasn’t really interesting tbh), before grabbing food and a cocktail. The harbour was lovely not many people around at the time we went but it was still a nice atmosphere.


Around the island day trip

There were two trips to choose from my tours for the exact same price! €25 to visit shipwrecked and the blue caves or an around the island trip which also went to the blue caves and shipwrecked. We went on the day trip one,  why not see more of the island haha. We arrived on the boat at 9am and set off. We saw the Keri caves, shipwrecked and the blue caves as well as more places. All of the places we saw were just beautiful. For 25euros the all day trip was so worth it!.


Food and drink (including nightlife)

As we were self-catering we ate out every morning. Full English breakfast’s in most places we went to were only 5euros. We also found some really nice restaurant’s where we became regulars! All of the food we had throughout the two weeks were so tasty and the staff were just so lovely and cater to our every need. We also went on quite a few of the events that Zante has to offer. The ones we went to were: foam party, neon paint party, powder paint party, xisle party. We also went to see Example play at pure beach club which is owned by Gary from Geordie Shore. It’s such a lovely bar, a one where you can go to during the day as well. Example was incredible!, the atmosphere was unreal. We also went out on the evenings a few of our faves bars (and ones we cant wait to go back to) were: G spot, cocktails and dreams, rescue, sinners and the indie bar.


We’re both so excited to be heading back there this summer ROLL ON JULY!!! ❤


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