Relax by colouring in


I’m really enjoying going back to my childhood and spending time colouring in!. I am loving the colouring books for adults and even though I currently have 3, I keep seeing ones that I want to buy as the patterns look lovely. I am using both pens and pencils to colour in my pictures.

I have the enchanted forest which is the first one I bought, a Cinderella magazine (she’s my fave Disney princess so I couldn’t not get it) and of course the Harry Potter book (I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to Mr Potter haha).


Some of my coloured in pictures.


As I had an early finish from work, I spent my afternoon starting a new picture in my Harry Potter book (not that you can tell as I used a light pencil).


I find colouring very relaxing and I often lose track of time as I can colour for hours once I get started.

Have you got any adult colouring books? What do you make of them?



2 thoughts on “Relax by colouring in

  1. I have an animal adult coloring book and I haven’t used it much, but it can be so therapeutic! I’m loving this movement of embracing the inner child!

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