FlexiBlue:Beginngers flexibility workshop


Last night I attended a flexibility workshop ran by the ever so lovely Trixie Blue (who also runs Burlesque courses – I also attend these fabulous lessons)UT. The idea of the workshop was to get beginners to be able to do the splits (as far as they could) and to be able to touch their toes.  I went along with one of my friends and it was great fun!.

I for one have never been able (not that I can remember even though as I kid I did gymnastics) to do the splits so naturally I was nervous and excited. If I’m honest I’ve also only been able to touch my toes when I was a lot younger too. As you can tell I ain’t very flexible BUT by the end of the hour and a half session I was able to touch my toes and the back of my heels YAY. I was also able to go a lot lower than I ever expected into the splits!.

BUT before we dived into it we did a warm up which probably lasted around 10mintures or so, so our muscles were all warm and stretched ready for us to attempt the splits. I was nervous at first not going to lie but I really enjoyed this beginners session. I am quite impressed with myself and all of the other girls (and Gav) who attended, everyone was amazing!

Everyone was lovely and the teacher (aka Trixie Blue) was fabulous as always!. I would highly recommend (if you live in the North East) to check out her workshops. She is doing a 6 week flexibly course which starts on the 2nd March. Here is a link to her Facebook page if your interested or if you fancy doing some burlesque (that’s also great fun).

Some photo’s from the workshop (two of the photo’s I have taken and the rest are taken from Trixie)


We also got a certificate haha (just another to add to my little collection haha)


Ps It’s safe to say I am aching today haha, No pain No gain :).


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