My two fave soap and glory products

Hello, it’s almost the WEEKEND!

Thought I would share with you my two favourite ever soap and glory products. These are the exfoliating body scrub called ‘scrub your life away’ and ‘sugar crush’ body buttercream.

Both of these products are nearly empty 😦 sad times but they are products that I am loving and will definitely be purchasing VERY SOON!.


I use the scrub once a week and I feel that it really helps my skin look and feel great. It’s great for getting rid of any dry/rough patches. It leaves your skin feeling extremely soft, silky and fresh looking, which is what I want at the start of a new week. If you have irritated skin it is advised that you don’t use this product.


haha you can tell I’m almost out of this product as I had to squeeze the bottle haha. I also love the smell of this product and because it’s exfoliating it has little micro beads in which helps buffer the skin and gets rid of any dirt.

I’m obsessed with the smell of the sugar crush body butter. It’s a very fresh scented smell as it smells of lime. I don’t like limes themselves but I adore the smell of this. It locks in the moisture for quite sometime. When I use it before bed my skin the next day is super soft and moist.


Because I use this product daily I feel like it is now a product I can’t live without. Highly recommend it.

In fact I would highly recommend both of these products, but if you’re already a fan of soap and glory I’m sure you will know why these products are simply amazing. Using these together they really compliment one another and work on the skin really well. I’m very happy with the results.

Have you tried these or any other soap and glory products? Let me know 🙂


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