What’s in my bag?

Hello 🙂

The contents of my bag changes almost daily. I do however have a work pattern where if I’m going to work I’ll hoy in my work shoes, a bottle of water, my glasses and if I’m on a shift where I get a break I normally take my dinner with m, so that goes in there as well.

I noticed when doing this that I had a few lipsticks in my bag (wondered where they kept disappearing too). My bag isn’t really THAT interesting but I’m going with it anyway :).

My bag

I got this bag for my birthday last year and I LOVE IT. I take it everywhere I go. It’s from Topshop and I just love Topshop. In fact the jumper I’m wearing is also from you guessed it TOPSHOP haha.


Item #1

My dairy of course!. Every year I get a diary, that it’s mainly used to write down what hours I work (even though I take a photo of the rota on my phone). As well as using my diary to write down my hours I also use it to write hand in dates  in (uni) or if I’m going somewhere (holidays) and if I have a shoot with someone (I do photography).


The diary I chose for this year is from the Matilda range from Clintons. It’s the perfect size for me as I don’t like diary’s too big nor do I like them too small (I’m fussy I know). I just love this range, it’s super cute and right up my street haha.

Item #2


My hat, it’s an old hat and I do have newer ones but the other day I just fancied wearing this black one. I always seem to have a hat in my bag, mainly because it’s still winter and sometimes when walking to work it’s freezing!. Hurry up summer haha I’m not a massive fan of winter.

Item #3

Of course my purse, how can anyone leave the house without a purse!. My purse again like my hat is old. I really need a new one but I’ve not seen any that stands out to me. It’s from Paul’s Boutique and to be honest I can’t STAND that range but with this purse having an anchor on, I was sold!  I love anything nautical. In my purse I have all my essentials, so that means my passport, bank card, boots card, superdrug card, my uni card ect 🙂

Item #4 By the way I’m NOT going through the whole of my bag just a few bits and bobs!

My book. I love Caroline Flack and I know most people I know don’t and they don’t understand why I’d want to read her book, but I’m loving it!. I mainly read it when I’m in the bath or if I’m travelling on public transport. As you can see I’m almost finished it :(. I find it interesting reading about other people’s lives – no idea why haha. Can’t decide what to read next, I’ve a few books in mind but we shall see.

Item #5


My lipsticks: Mac’s Ruby Woo, Clinique’s nude pop and a MUA red matte. I love all three of these. The MUA one is the one I took with me on holiday last year and it was only ÂŁ1. Don’t normally buy cheap lipsticks but if I lost it on holiday I wasn’t too fussed, however I didn’t manage to lose it and it’s actually a really nice matte lipstick. The Clinique nude pop I got free with the glamour magazine a while back and I’m in love with it! The nude shade is perfect for my skin tone and it lasts quite a while before needing a top up. Finally my favourite of all time, Ruby Woo. I got this for my birthday last year (I treat myself to it) and it’s amazing. The colour last’s longer than any other lipstick I have tried, I just love Mac lipsticks.

Item #6


My certificate from last week’s FlexiBlue workshop. Thought I took this out but obviously not. Had so much fun at this workshop even though now I’m back to not being able to touch my toes haha.

Other items in my bag include: my glasses case, a hair brush, a pen, a memory USB stick, concealer , and a compact mirror.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post, if not oh well haha. Don’t forget I also have a YouTube channel, feel free to have a nebb and subscribe!




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