Catch up with me, Febuary edition


Lots of things have happened this month and I am super duper excited!.

First off  I booked another holiday for later this year, yes that means I shall be jetting off not once but twice this year and I can’t bloomin wait!. I’m off to Crete in September where I shall be turning 27. I’m really looking forward to it.


(Images are from Google images)

Next I managed to get BEYONCE TICKETS! omg I’m just ahjfbirnfvbioghoie So excited and the fact that she is coming to my hometown is just amazing! She will literally be 15minutes from my house!


(Image again is from google)

I then went and done a Flexible workshop, which I have done a blog on so I wont talk too much about this. I had a great time learning how to do the splits and I’m still proud of myself for getting as low into them as I could!. I quite like doing little workshop’s there great fun and everyone was super lovely!. To see the post on this click here

This week have been back in front of the camera doing some trial shots for my friend at uni. They have turned out amazing and I love them!. We did (I say we she was the one taking the photo’s I was just standing there like a lemon) light painting and long exposures. I’m quite impressed with how they turned out :). Well done Stacy.


(Images taken by Stacy Terry)

Phewww what a month AND as well as all of that I have been working overtime, going to uni AND been doing to burlesque! What a busy bee.

I almost forgot I also this month reached 500 likes across by blog posts so thank you VERY VERY much for taking the time to read my posts and give them a little like. Ain’t you a lovely bunch!.

Thank you for reading


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