Saving and bargain hunting!

Hello, Today’s post is a bit different as it’s all about SAVING MONEY! and of course shopping for bargains.

How I save money

So I’ve spoken about this briefly so most of you lovely lot will know that I’m going on two holidays this year AND as I forgot to mention in my ‘catch up with me’ post I’m off to London in December to see Harry Potter and the cursed child THE MUSICAL omg I’m so excited. Where also going to be going to the Harry Potter studio’s as well!

So as you can see I have lot’s of adventures to save up for. Here are a few of my tips (they do actually work as well).


Get a money jar or any type of jar that will hold money in. I actually have a few different ones for different coins. I have a minion pot’s of dreams one (you have to smash these to get the money out HOWEVER if you know someone you can drill a hole in the bottom and get a stopper ūüôā ), that I save ¬£1’s ¬£2’s and 50p’s. I have a¬†another jar that once had sweets in where I save all my silver and finally a third that I save my cooper in.

I really find this easy to do. The key is to NOT take any money from the jar’s out once you have put it in. I made a mistake of doing this as I used to take money out for my buses but it defeated the object haha.


I count my money once every few months and it really is amazing how much you can save just by saving your lose change!.


Walk! Walking is a great form of exercise. By walking to places instead of getting the bus can help save money. It’s sometimes a bit tricker when the weather is pants but now that it’s spring it should be less of¬†a problem!.


Budget! The day before I get paid I tend to save whatever I have left in my bank into my savings. I also once I’ve been paid try and save some. Before I do this though I budget how much money I can spend per week, by dividing the amount by the number of weeks it is until the next payday.

You need to find the balance between saving and enjoying life. I hope these little tips help ‚̧

Bargain hunting

Bargain hunting is great. I do this all the time, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. I tend to only buy products when I really NEED them. When I do need them I try to look out for what shops has the best offers, for example 3 for 2 at boots or 2 for ¬£5 in superdrug.


The products above are what I have purchased in 2016.

The make up products I got were two for £12 at boots, original price £9.99 for the foundation and £6.99 for the matching powder.

The topshop nail varnish I got in the sale for ¬£1.50, original price ¬£6.00. I LOVE the colour it’s like a greyish shade.

The real techniques complexation sponge I picked up at Asda for I think around £4.30, orginial price £5.99.

Simple night cream again Asda for less than £5.00, original price £5.59

L’Or√©al cleansing milk¬†¬£3.99 and the exfoliator ¬£4.49 – I got these for 2 for ¬£5 at superdrug.

L’Or√©al micellar gel¬†I got at Asda for ¬£2.80, original price ¬£5.49 (ish)

So as you can see by shopping around you can get some great product bargains.

Thank you for reading xxx



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