Mothering sunday


Mother’s day again today so I thought I would do a little post on my mam and what I bought her. Today we have chilled out as I’ve surprisingly been off work. Lots of tea has been involved throughout the day as we are huge tea lovers in our house. Homemade pizza for tea and TV programmes this evening, all in all a lovely day.


My mam has always been there for me and I appreciate everything that she has done throughout my 26 (almost 27) years on this planet. Even though we argue I love her to the moon and back. She always has advice on hand and cuddles on hand whenever I don’t feel myself or if I just fancy a cuddle haha. Thank you for being my mam I don’t know what I would do without you <3.


(Photo’s taken from our London trip in December )

Now for my mam’s present this year I decided I would make a little hamper style present of some of the things she loves. So I bought a nice gift box and some shredded tissue paper and obviously a card (can’t not give anyone a card). Next I decided to head to LUSH as like me my mam loves lush products. I got a pic n mix of the sweets she likes (and that I also happen to like hehe) and some wax melts. I also couldn’t resist the little bunnies as they were on the till point.



For the melts I decided to go with pastel colours and the scents are beautiful. We have actually had the candle version of two of them so I knew they’d go down well 🙂


Red raspberry and summer scoop are two of my all time faves!


Think pink bath bomb and milky bar (bubble bar). My mam loves milk bottle sweets so when I saw this bubble bar in our local lush store I just had to get it!. The bath bomb my mam has had before and really liked it so again why not!.

She really loved the idea of this gift and I’m so glad she liked it.

Happy mother’s day mam and to all the mam’s around the world!

As always thank you for reading xxx


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