My work make up

Hello everyone, hope you have had a lovely weekend :).

I’m here today with a kind of like a GRWM (for those who don’t know it means – get ready with me) work make up routine. In other words make up I wear for work on a daily bases. My work and normal make up routine’s are a bit different. For work I don’t wear eyeliner, I don’t contour and I certainly don’t wear my usual red lipstick.

I like to keep my work make up quite simple.


Foundation Got to have a bit of foundation on, I hardly go anywhere without any on! it’s just to weird. I’m currently using the L’Oréal true match foundation (yes I’ve spoken a lot about this product already). I apply this using my real techniques beauty blender which to me is simply amazing!. So glad I invested in a blender.


Powder Next I use the matching true match powder and apply that obviously all over my face. I am using the little pad that comes with this product as it’s quite nice to use.

Before I powder if I have any blemishes or dark circles under my eyes I’ll use a bit of concealer. Sometimes I use it sometimes I don’t, all just depends on the morning.


Blusher I like to switch between using powdered blusher and the benefit benetint. If I’m using the benetint I only use a little bit as I don’t need loads, just enough to give a nice glow. Mine is in the shade rose.


Once that’s all done, it’s time to start with the eyes.

Eyebrows I’m using the collection for blondes eyebrow kit and I love it. It’s simple to use and I tend to use the middle shade in this set which is a pale brown colour.


Eyeshadow I switch between my Barry M palettes daily just so that I’m using them both and not neglecting one palette as I love both of these. I sometimes use more than one shade (if I have time and I’m not rushing) which means that I sometimes blend along the crease which looks quite nice and makes my eyes stand out a little bit more, especially as I wear glasses for work.


Mascara Like my blusher I switch between the benefit ‘they’re real’ and the Ted Baker. They are both amazing mascaras that enhance my eyelashes. They both give me volume and a jet black colour.


Perfume I mainly wear a Katy Perry one (can’t remember which one) however if I have plans after work I tend to wear my new favourite scent from Marc Jacobs which is ‘Dot’. I love that the bottle reminds me of a ladybird. The shape of the bottle and lid are also very appealing to me haha.


Thank you for reading xxx










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