Netflix takeover

Happy Friday everyone!

I’ve been somewhat neglecting my Netflix account recently, I’ve not watched it in months yet I’ve still been paying for it. I’ve decided to use it more especially how I get emails telling me they’ve added new stuff.  The last thing I watched was Jungle book 2 (which tbh was a bit rubbish and I much prefer the first one). I think I watched it as I didn’t have loads of time but I still wanted to watch something and also because I LOVE DISNEY!!!!! ❤

Series I want to watch on Netflix

Sons of anarchyWhilst I have watched all of these series I just love it and I so badly want to watch it again!. I just love Charlie Hunnman.


Pretty little liars – Lot’s of people I know have already seen this series and yes I am very much behind when it comes to things like this , but I feel out of the loop when people talk about it so I’ve decided to start watching it (haven’t started yet though). I’m quite excited to watch this so fingers crossed I’ll enjoy it.


Making a murderer- Again lots of people on my social media have seen this and I’ve heard things about it, so I’m going to find time to watch that.



Films I want to watch

They’ve added so many new movies I’ve lost count. There are a few that I’m dying to watch though and these are:

The wolf of wall street, Spiceworld (purely because I used to be a HUGE spice girls fan!), Captain America and The Hunger Games :Mocking Jay.

There are obviously other things on there that I want to watch but I won’t bore you with my long lists haha.

Do you have any Netflix recommendations? Or have seen any from my list, let me know in the comments 🙂

Thank you for reading xxx

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