Today’s outfit

Hello, Today’s post is different from what I’ve posted before so I apologise if it’s a bit pants, but hope you enjoy it.

For today’s outfit I’m head to toe in clothes from Topshop, except my coat as that’s from H&M.


Grey and white chunky high neck jumper. I’m addicted to wearing jumper still despite it being spring. Can’t go wrong with a nice jumper .

High waisted jeans are a godsend. I always purchase high waisted jeans as I find them really comfortable to wear. I don’t have a preference when it comes to colour, as long as I feel comfy in them that’s all that matters :).


Hands down my favourite bag. It’s big enough to fit all my essentials in like my camera, purse, bottled water and whatever else I have in my bag.  I don’t think I could downsize my everyday bag haha. Love that black bags go with every outfit.


Love these brown boots so much. They are super duper comfy and I picked them up in the sale!. Love a good sale purchase.


Photo’s taken in Durham.

If you’d like to see more post’s like this one let me know :). I love seeing people’s outfit’s.

Thank you for reading 🙂 xxx


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