Temple Newsman|Leeds

Hello 🙂
On Good Friday I went on an adventure to Temple Newsman which is just outside of Leeds. It’s a really lovely place to visit and would highly recommend. You don’t have to pay to go on a walk around the gardens ect the only thing you do need to pay for is to get into the house and the farm. We paid to go into the farm as we wanted to see the baby lambs haha. It only cost £3.80 each and it was definately worth it for what we saw.
You can purchase food from he tearooms but we decided to take a little picnic as the weather was sunny and it was actually rather warm in the sun.
The farm
From baby chicks to baby goats, baby lambs to baby piglets we saw a lot and it was so lovely to see. I’ve never seen baby animals so I had a great time haha. There was also some cows, some bulls and some donkeys. The place was rather busy but you still got to see all of the animals. I can’t get over how cute the baby animals are ❤


The house
We didn’t want to go inside the house (you had to pay for that) but we did have a walk around it and walked around the gardens
Other photo’s that well I just liked haha
We didn’t realise how big this place was and we actually didn’t get to see half of it. We will definately go back and see
what we missed as looking at photo’s it’s just beautiful.
While I was there I also did a little vlog, so if you’d like to see that then check it out and feel free to leave me comments 🙂
Hope you all had a lovely Easter, thank you for reading xxx

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