My current purfume

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

I recently (well at Christmas) got the ‘Dot’ perfume by Marc Jacobs and I’m so in love with it. The scent is beautiful quite sweet and floral smelling (to me anyway). I don’t like perfume’s that have an overpowering smell.ย I adore the packaging of the bottle as well as the colours!

I’ve wanted to try out this perfume for so long and when I got it aahhh I was so happy!. I don’t wear it for work though as I don’t want to waste it haha. However when I’m not at work and are going out I wear it.



Have you tried this or any other Marc Jacobs perfume’s?

Thank you for reading xx

PS My blog is 13 views away from the 5k milestone โค super happy about that.


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