5k milestone!!!

Hello, Happy 1st April!

Yesterday my little old blog passed it’s first major milestone. Yes I’ve hit 5k views!!! OH MY GOSH it’s so weird to think that 5 thousand people have read/seen my blog, that originally started off as a photography blog back in 2014!.

I decided to change it from being a photography blog to a more lifestyle/personal type of blog, where I could talk about my adventures, baking cupcakes, make up ect as I rarely do photography (I’m almost finished my degree in it) anymore. I am though trying to get back into it and have a few shoots in the pipeline!!.

I love blogging and having it as a hobby gives me something to do either before or after work and obviously on my days off work. I enjoy writing about things that I get up to and about make up and product reviews. I just simply love it.

This year one of my new years resolutions was to blog more regular and I have been sticking (most of the time) to my 3day a week schedule. Sometimes it’s more if I’ve lots of things to blog about. If you haven’t noticed I post on: Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s :).

Whether you are a regular reader or a one time reader THANK YOU EVERY SO MUCH! You have all made me smile ❤


Here’s to the next 10k  milestone!!

Thank you for reading xxx

Did you know I also have a YouTube channel? (just started to make videos) Feel free to check it out and subscribe ❤


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