Spring nails


I am loving all things Spring and doing up my nails really lifts my mood (except when they chip, I really hate that).  I haven’t bought any nail polish’s in a while so I revisited some of last year’s shades that I still love to wear.


I love pastel colours as well as a good solid colour. I love Rimmel London products and these 60 second super shine polishes are amazing.


You simply can’t beat a pure red nail polish and this ‘Double decker red’ is perfect for that. It really stands out and with the super shine effect its perfect for a night and day look. I sometimes like to wear this shade when I know I’m going to be wearing red lipstick as I sometimes like to co-ordinate.


‘Breakfast in bed’ I wanted this shade for so long and I just adore it!. It’s an inbetween a pale blue and a light green turquoise colour. Perfect day time shade!. It’s definitely one of my fave spring colours.


‘Lose your lingerie’ is one of my faves without a doubt. It’s an off white shade so if you don’t want full one white nails then this shade is perfect for you!.


I love all of these shades and I definitely need to purchase more.

Have you tried any Rimmel London shades. if so what are your faves?

Thank you for reading xxx



10 thoughts on “Spring nails

  1. I love breakfast in bed but I don’t think it would look good on my skin tone 😦
    I’ve had a look at some of your blog posts and I like what I see so I’m gonna click the follow button! Hope you can do the same 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ive got Breakfast In Bed on now! I always found it definitely takes longer than 60seconds though or is that just me? haha xo


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