Yankee candles

Hello, Happy Wednesday, the sun is shining where I am so I hope it is where you lovely lot are :).

I recently picked up a few new Yankee candles, as I love a good candle to help me relax on a evening whilst I’m either reading or watching a spot of TV. These are the one’s I picked up:




This one is a new fave of mine. It smells very fresh and it reminds me of summer evenings down by the beach. Kind of like a holiday smell. I love beaches the sand and sea just makes me feel at ease. I love fresh scented things so this one is ideal. It’s quite calming as well.

Home sweet home


This one is quite similar to the cinnamon stick one as its got a hint on cinnamon to it but its not over powering. I’ve only recently became a fan of cinnamon scents. This candle is also quite sweet in scent as well which is just lovely. ย It reminds me of a cold winter’s evening.

White tea


Seeing as I’m a massive tea lover when I saw this candle I just had to have it!. It’s not too strong a scent and it’s a very fresh and clean scent. I just love it.

Moroccan argan oil


This is a quite floral yet relaxing scent. When I smell this one it makes me feel calm.

The one I’m currently burning is white tea, and wow I’m loving the smell when it’s lit and then of course the after smell once I’ve blew it out.

I love Yankee Candles, have you tried them, if so what are you faves?

Thank you for reading xxx

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