It’s all about the summer shades!

Hello the sun is shining and it’s making excited for my two holidays this year!

I thought I would do a holiday type series and today’s one is all about the shades. A girl can never have too many shades right?. Up to now I have 3 pairs ready to come away on holiday with me, and the other pair that you will see are just my back at home garden type shades.


I mean just look at them!. You can probably tell that I love round shaped shades, I just love them. I’m also a MASSIVE fan of reflective shades. I got some when I was on holiday last year after seeing practically everyone wearing them but sadly as they were cheap they scratched like hell :(.


I picked these up last year from Accessories for around I think £12.50 maybe even £12. They just go with every outfit. I wore these most of last holiday and there still in good nick so once again I shall be taking these away with me!.


Ahhh that stay at home garden heart shaped shades. I can’t remember for the life of me where I even got these from or how much they were but there just so cool to have. Who doesn’t love heart shaped accessories 🙂

2016-04-22-05.16.47-1.jpg.jpegThese are my most recent purchase. I promised myself I wasn’t going to buy another pair of sunglasses, that was however until I saw these, and well I had to have erm!. They are from Primark for £3.00!!!! .They have them in the cateye shape as well so if your not a fan of round sunglasses then they do have other styles in white.

2016-04-22-05.16.43-2.jpg.jpegMy all time fave type of sunglasses!, the good old reflectives. Oh hey up there’s me still wearing yes a another jumper haha. Anyway I picked these up in New Look the other week (I also got some bikinis aahhh they too are very pretty). These cost I think £3.99 or maybe £5.99 I tried on ALOT of pairs so I can’t remember the exact price. It was a hard decision when it came to picking these shades as there were lots of different colours that I wanted. I loved the sliver ones but in the end I chose these, the gold/greeny type ones (not that you can see in this photo). Who knows I might end up going back and picking up the silver ones 😉


There you have it my so far holiday accessories 🙂 If you would like me to continue these type of holiday blogs then please let me know in the comments, I’d as always love to hear your thoughts ❤

Thank you for reading xxx

PS I’m so excited for holiday adventures I could BURST!!!! 

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