5 ways to relax

Hello, hope you are all well.

Today’s post is all about ways to relax. Everyone is different when it comes to finding ways to help them relax, so I’ve put together 5 things that help me feel relaxed.


One of my all time favourite things to do to help my feel relaxed is to have a nice hot bath, and what better way to help relieve the stress and make you feel at ease, than products from Lush.

2016-04-24-06.50.50-1.jpg.jpegI got a massive Lush set and these are my final 5. I’ve only ever tried the ‘Sex Bomb’ one (which is the one with the rose in it), so I’m mega excited to try out the others 🙂 If I’m all out of bath bombs I often like to use one of there bubble bars. I love a nice bubble bath.

I have recently developed more of an obsession with candles, especially Yankee candles, there’s so many amazing scents it’s hard to choose only a few per time. I currently have lit here Fireside treats, which is an autumn one but it just smells so nice.


I have a vintage birdcage for my candles and I just love it!. Candles help me relax and I often use them whilst reading or when I’m watching a movie on Netflix.

I like to take time out from Social Media at least once a day. In this time I quite like to read. I’ve recently re-enkindled my love for the Harry Potter books so I’m still reading them. I also picked up the other day a book on self love by Gala Darling which is titled ‘ Radical self love’. I have looked briefly through this book and I’m already loving it. Some of the things she states in her book I can really relate to!.  I sometimes often like to read magazines.


Disney makes me happy, so whenever I watch a Disney movie I feel happy and relaxed. You’re never too old for Disney. Cinderella is my all time favourite followed by the little mermaid <3.


The Aristocats is another of my fave Disney films. Marie is just so cute as is Mally the ally cat.

Finally my fave ever way (aside from the ways above) to relax is by drinking….. yes you guessed it TEA. I’m a huge lover for tea, I can’t count how many cups a day I have. I need it to function.


I recently tried out Camomile tea and it’s lovely. Honey and floral tasting. It actually makes me feel more at ease. It’s defiantly worth a try.

Other ways I like to relax

Colouring in, listening to music, playing a game on my tablet, writing and going for a walk where there is less noise.


What ways do you find relaxing?

Thank you for reading xxx

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