Simple – Day and Night cream

Hello, Happy Wednesday!  🙂

Today I  am here with a review of simple’s kind to skin day and night cream.


I’ve always loved skincare products from simple especially there moisturisers and facial wipes. I thought seeing as the simple products were on offer last week in Superdrug that I would pick up the day cream and try it out.


I’ve been using this product for a week and I’m in love with the results. My skin feels very hydrated throughout the day. It also has an SPF of 15 therefore no matter what the weather my skin is protected. The day cream like the night cream has vitamins in which help the skin throughout the day.The day cream has an extra vitamin in  I feel that the texture of this product is slightly thicker than the night cream but that’s alright I don’t like thin layers when it comes to moisturising.


Tying to get myself into the habit of using this every single night has been a mare, however I have stuck to it. I feel like it works and when I wake up my skin feels clean and looks brighter. I only use a light layer of this product as too much can make your face stick to the pillow.


Using both these products together have benefitted my skin massively and I’m enjoying my daily skincare routine. They both provide the skin different types of goodness. Taking care of your skin is a must because if your skin feels great, you feel great!,

Have you used these products, if so what are your thoughts?

Thank you for reading xxx

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