Catch up with me – April Edition

Hello :).

This month has been a busy one!. So many things to look forward to.

First off at the beginning of the month I PREFORMED AT A BURLESQUE SHOW, yes I did it, I preformed with a fantastic group of beautiful ladies and then again on my own. The audience was great, it was just all our family and friends, but by gosh it was amazing. I was VERY nervous and wanted to run off the stage but as soon as my song started and people started cheering I just knew I could do it!. I preformed to Def Leppard’s Pour some sugar on me, as that song just makes me feel good!. I had a blast and I can’t wait to do it all again sometime in the future.


Next off I actually did some university work. I finish my degree in a few weeks so I’ve been out taking photo’s. Here’s a few I’ve done to far:

I love doing coloured backgrounds <3. I also did some landscapes:

These were taking in Sunderland at Mowbray Park and Keel Square.

As well as burlesque and uni work I also this week had my wisdom tooth removed at the hospital, FINALLY. I’ve been waiting since the beginning of February. I’m still sore but onwards and upwards!. I wasn’t in hospital for long as it was just a day surgery procedure. So glad it’s finally out, if any of you guy’s have problems with your wisdom teeth, GET ERM OUT haha. Nothing worse than toothache pain.

Last night seeing as I was feeling better (despite not being able to fully move my face yet) I went to see the Captain America trilogy. I’ve seen the first one before a few years ago and I forgot how amazing it was. The second one was just as good but the third, the civil war was something else!. Such a good blooming movie. Not as many 3D effects but nonetheless definitely a must see movie. I love Marvel. Captain America is my third fave Marvel hero.


Then if that wasn’t enough this morning I managed to get Mcfly tickets for Birmingham in June :). There doing 4 cities 3 nights were they preform all of there albums. The night that we are going to see is night 2 so they’ll be playing the whole of the wonderland and motion in the ocean album!. Arrgghh I’m just too excited ❤ Can’t wait to see these four boys or should I say men again ❤


I can’t wait to head to Birmingham not been there in just over a year!.

Have you guys got anything exciting planned this year? Let me know 🙂

Thank you for reading xxx

(Images are obviously not my own)



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