1940’s Weekend Haworth

Hello Hope you are all well.

This weekend I took a trip to Haworth village which I just outside of Leeds. They had a 1940’s weekend on and by gosh it was fabulous. There was loads of people dressed up (I say dressed up I bet a lot of them actually wear vintage attire in their day to day life) even children, and the atmosphere was brilliant.

There was plenty of things to see such as the steam train, old buses, people singing and army related things as well.

Due to it being REALLY busy there wasn’t really anywhere to sit and enjoy the day especially if like me you like to see EVERYTHING so that you don’t miss out on things.

Food wise there were lots of places of all types of food in the park area as well as a few pubs. We however took our own picnic. I did however manage to get an ice cream as it was quite warm.

Didn’t really take that many photo’s sadly but here are a few that I did manage to take:


I’d definitely recommend one of these weekends, there so different and the style is something else!

Have you been to anything vintage related?

Thank you for reading xxx

4 thoughts on “1940’s Weekend Haworth

  1. HI Amy, sounds like a fab day, so I’ll look out for it next year. Although not 40’s vintage myself (more 60’s Mod!) I do love these type of events. I’ve been to a few, most recently blogged about The Claysheds, Newcastle and Scampston Halls Big Vintage festivals. Both good but Scampston Hall one is brilliant, it’s just a shame I can’t make it this year as I’m on holiday x

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