Top 5 Holiday Songs 2016


I thought I would share my top 5 current songs from the chart’s that’s really starting to get me in the holiday mood, as I’ve said before I’m going away twice this year. First holiday is literally only 5 weeks away, getting so excited :).

#1 – Cake by the ocean by DNCE, I’m sooo obsessed with this song! It’s a proper feel good song that I can’t wait to be dancing to.

#2 – Girls Like by Tinie Tempah, such a good dance tune

#3 – SEX by Cheat codes x Kris Kross Amsterdam, who doesn’t love a song about sex lol (didn’t know what to say here so I do apologise)

#4 In Ibiza by Mike Posner, I love this song nearly as much as they ‘I took a pill in Ibiza’ such good tunes.

#5 Cheap Thrill by Sia ft Sean Paul, I can’t help but sing along to this one like the ‘Cake by the ocean’ song!

I obviously love lots of other songs that in our charts right now but these ones in particular ooo and the Justin Timberlake one ❤

What songs do you listen to, that get’s you in the mood for holiday?

To see my other holiday blog (in this type of series) click It’s all about the summer shades!

Thank you for reading xxx

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