Dare To Wear Red

Hello lovelies, hope the sun is out where you are, it’s been a glorious day up North (for once).

It’s only the past 2 year or so that I’ve dared to wear red and I’ve never looked back. As I’m quite fair skinned I always used to feel like I was too pale to wear red especially as my hair is naturally auburn. Since I have grown up and changed my hair colour a few times I’ve tried out a few different shades of red lipsticks, and I know appear to have a little collection. Can a girl every had too many lipsticks though?, my answer is NO!. I have lipsticks that I wear during the day and on the night. No matter what though wearing red lipstick always makes me feel glamourous and a bit more dressed up, who would of thought a lipstick colour would make me feel great!.

2016-06-06-16-44-18.jpgAs you can see I currently have four different reds and by four different brands. I like to use a variation of high end brands and lower ended brands, depending on my monthly budget.


This is the comic relief Kate Moss Rimmel London collection lipstick  I’m not a massive fan of this one and I have only worn it a couple of times. I feel like this shade is a but too bright compared to my skin complexion but seeing as I needed a red (at the time) and this one some of the money went to charity I thought why not.  I do however have a soft spot for the 107 red shade in the Kate Moss Collection and I feel I will be purchasing that for my holidays.


No.7 is a brand that I haven’t tried despite hearing good things about it. I got this free and I have to admit I’ve only worn it once. I do like it but it’s more of an orangey/reddy colour, which might look great when I have a tan but against my skin , not s much. The longer in the day I wore this, I got used to it and I do like it, I just need to wear it more.


I picked this up for £1 from the MUA stand in Superdrug for my holiday last year and it’s quite long lasting which I was surprised at considering the price I paid. Whilst this colour and brand was ok for holiday I wouldn’t wear it daily.


Ahhh the good old Ruby Woo ahhh my favourite. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve mentioned this lipstick being my favourite ever! It’s perfect for day and evening use and I use it for both. I love the shade and feel that this one out of all of them matches my skin complexion. It’s not too dark but it’s not too bright.


You can’t really tell the different with the shades in this photo as much but definitely the Mac one and the Rimmel London 107 (not in this photo) are my favourite ever red lipsticks, I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Do you dare to wear red? Have you tried any of these red’s, got any to recommend?

Thank you for reading xxx

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