Mini New Look Haul

Hello lovelies 🙂

As you know I’m off on my jollies on Wednesday so I thought i’d show you a few things I picked up from New Look.

I do think I have bought more bits and bobs from New Look but I can’t remember as everything is in a pile ready to be packed. I will be doing outfits photo’s when I’m away so you’ll see them in full.



Despite having lots of bikini’s from last year I still ended up buying a fair few, mainly from New Look. I’m just in love with them. They all have a little bit padding so there more like plunge styled binkini’s. By having a bit of padding I feel a bit more confident about myself and my boobs, it’s the same with bras. I’m so excited to wear these bikini’s as I love the patterns. All of the above bikini’s make me feel confident which naturally makes me happy about myself and my body, but enough about that. The bottom bikini on the first photo is a light blue colour it just didn’t come out so well in the photo.

Other pieces


To go with the patterned floral bikini’s I purchased this beautiful cover up. It can be adjusted like a bra so you can tighten it or have it loose. It reminds me of a mermaid haha. I adore the colour and I like how it has tassels on the bottoms. I’m also in love with the reflective shades. Super excited to wear them haha.


I never usually wear patterned shorts I mainly just wear plain ones but these caught my eye and I love them. There quite stretchy which is perfect for me as I’ll be wearing these on a night and my tummy gets bloated after food. I also bought a cream lace top to go with these shorts but I had already packed my case haha.


I’ve never tried New Look bras before and I HATE bra stopping like really hate it, but after trying on these two bras I’m one happy gal. They fit me perfectly no gaps no nothing just perfection haha. I love lace underwear as well so these are great for me. The off white lace  bra has removable straps which is great as I have packed a few boob tube tops :). Both bras an plunge ones so my boobs (to me) look great haha

All of these things above were reasonably priced which is brilliant for me :).

Thank you for reading xxx

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