My Holiday Essentials

Hello everyone hope your all well. I’m currently in Greece right now so I hope the weather is nice where you are 🙂

I thought I would briefly go through some of my holiday essentials.


Some of these products I’ve never used before and naturally most I have. Of course I am taking toothpaste and toothbrush, shaving gel, deodorant and purfume


I am going to be using a 2 in 1 just because it’s easier than faffing on especially when you want to be in and out of the shower. I’ve never used dove for my hair but I do often use the body wash so I know it’s a decent brand to use. I couldn’t find a brand how did a small 2 in 1. For my body I’m trying out original source. I’ve never tried this brand either but I know a lot of people who do. Naturally I opted for the smell of coconut, seeing as it’s one of my favourite smells ever, and it reminds me of summer haha.


For my face I have packed simple cleansing wipes and this kind to skin replenishing rich moisturiser. I used this moisturiser on last years holiday and it was amazing for my skin. It kept it very hydrated which is obviously what you want. I use this quite often on holiday more than I normally do in England just because with my skin being in the sun all day, I don’t want it drying out and having dry skin. That isn’t pretty.

Next it’s only to sun cream! Can’t go away without it!


As you can see I have a factor 15 and an 8. I go between both. They both have insect repellent in them to stop mosquitoes from biting me. It actually works as well :). I also have a separate suntan cream for my face in the factor 30. I used this first thing before I head out for the day and then I just keep topping it up with either the 15 or 8. I have also bought dry oil spray in factor 10 just to use of the last few days mainly. Again it’s coconut scented haha.


For aftersun I am using the Ambre Solaire hydrating tan maintainer. I used the gel one last year which was great, really cooled my skin down as I did go a little red.


Other bits I am taking with me are plasters, you simply never know when your going to need one so it’s very handy to take them and pop a few in ya beach bag :). Paracetamol and pritin is another must have as well as antiseptic wipes just incase you get a nasty cut.

What are your holiday essentials?

Thank you for reading xxx

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